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At Cannoli’s we take pride in offering a great banquet experience for any type of party. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting your next banquet at Cannoli’s Restaurant.



We offer three buffet options. There is no carry out or to-go food  with the buffet.

Buffet Option 1

-Salad tossed in House dressing
-Pasta Con Broccoli in Alfredo sauce
-Rigatoni pasta in Meat sauce
-Toasted Ravioli with Meat sauce for dipping
– Meatballs
-Soda, Tea, Coffee with free refills

$13.49 per person + tax and gratuity

Buffet Option 2

-Salad tossed in our house dressing
-Pasta con Broccoli
-Chicken Modiga
-Toasted Ravioli
-Italian Green beans
-soda, tea, & coffee with free refills

$15.99 per person + tax and gratuity

Buffet Option 3

– Salad in our house dressing
– Bread
– Ham, lettuce & cheese sandwich
– Toasted Ravioli in Meat Sauce
– Pasta Con Broccoli
– Soda, Tea, Coffee with free refills

$12.49 per person + tax and gratuity


The private menu is selected by the host, the will choose up to 6 items from our menu and these items will be offered to the guests. The price of each meal is the menu price. All dinners will be served with a salad with our house dressing and bread. $2.75 will be added to each dinner entree for the salad and bread. Children will be allowed to order from the children’s menu. You will pick a limited menu for your guests to choose from. Your options need to be discussed with the manager during your event confirmation. Certain items may not be available for the private menu. Ask the manager for more information. We will print a menu for each of your guests with your selections, and each guest will order from that menu.


-Bread and garden salad tossed in our House dressing
-Cavatelli pasta in our homemade Alfredo sauce
-Cavatelli pasta in our homemade Meat sauce*
-Chicken Modiga or Chicken Parmesan.
-Soda, Tea, or Coffee with free refills

Adult = $13.50 per Adult + Tax and Gratuity
Child (10 and younger) = $4.99 per Child + Tax and Gratuity
All you care to eat. No substitutions or carry outs.


Pan option is great for an a la carte style party, or where you  want an assortment of items. On the following page is a list of  different options to select. You can select as many items as you  would like (just need to hit the $280 min.) The food will be set  up in our buffet style. Where guests can grab whatever they  would like from the assortment picked by the host.

Toasted Ravioli

Quantity: 75



Quantity: 50



Quantity: 50


Chicken Fingers

Quantity: 50


Toasted Cannelloni Bites

Quantity: 50


House Salad

Quantity: 18-20 Servings


House salad with cheese

Quantity: 18-20 Servings


Special Salad

Quantity: 18-20 Servings



Quantity: 18-20 Servings


Fettuccini Polo

Quantity: 18-20 Servings


Cannoli’s Lasagna

Quantity: 18-20 Servings



Quantity: 18-20 Servings



Quantity: 18-20 Servings


Baked Rigatoni

Quantity: 18-20 Servings


Pasta Con Broccoli

Quantity: 18-20 Servings



Quantity: 18-20 Servings



Quantity: 18-20 Servings


Stuffed Meatball Shells

Quantity: 18-20 Servings


Chicken Modiga

$5.75 (per chicken)

Chicken Parmesan

$5.75 (per chicken)


$0.75 (per loaf)


(By the dozen)
Roast beef, ham, or turkey on a half loaf. Chicken salad on a Hawaiian bun.

$5.50 each


Let us handle your next party!


$50 deposit is required upon making the reservation for the  piazza. Deposit will be forfeited if we are not notified that you want  to cancel 14 days before the event date. The deposit will be returned  on the night of the event. We accept cash or check for the deposit.


There is no fee to use the Piazza. Cannoli’s requires a minimum amount spent of $280, you will be charged until you reach the minimum. Tax and gratuity not included.

Decorations & Dessert

You may decorate for your event. Please  contact a manager to confirm a time. You may bring a cake. Please  bring your own paper plates and plastic forks to serve your cake. A  one time fee of $15.00 for use of Cannoli’s plates and silverware. If  you would like our staff to cut and serve the cake it will be an
additional $35.


There will be a 20% gratuity added to your total food and
beverage bill.

Number of guests

The Maximum amount of guests is 55.


Options for the bar is Open, Limited, or cash.


Please contact Cannoli’s no later than 14 days prior to  the event date to confirm the menu, total number of attendees and  bar information.